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The Great Garage Clearout 2021

Updated: May 24, 2023

Do you have a cluttered garage or storage space? This is for you...and you're definitely not alone! Mark July 21-25 on your calendar and sign up for this free hands-on program.

Does this seem like an impossible dream? Trust me, it isn't. You CAN do this.

Does just thinking about your garage make you cringe? Do you dream of parking at least one car in the garage, or of having an extra work space?

Do you wish you knew what allll that stuff was but have absolutely no idea where to begin?

Are you ashamed of your garage? Or maybe you have one or more storage units or sheds full of "stuff."

First, I give you permission right now to drop shame and guilt like hot potatoes.

Next time you go through a neighborhood, count how many houses have cars parked outside the garages.

Do you think allll those people have amazing workshops and spare offices in their garages so they have to park outside?

I think not, Friend. I think we have a stuff crisis on our hands and you are very, very far from alone with your garage woes.

I have so many requests for help clearing garages, and I feel so strongly about the freedom that comes from decluttering and organizing, that I've decided to do a five day challenge to help as many people as I can - you and everyone you know are invited to join! (July 21-25 - See the end to sign up)

The 'Stuff' Epidemic

In our society, we're basically trained our entire lives to make more money so we can buy more stuff...

We learn to buy stuff when we're happy, when we're sad, when we're hungry, when we're in love. We learn to buy new stuff when our old stuff 'goes out of style" and when 'new and improved' stuff comes along.

We learn to buy stuff to say thank you, happy birthday, I love you, I'm sorry.

We learn to buy stuff to show we're 'successful' and we're 'making it.'

And now stuff is manufactured for "planned obsolescence" - they know your stuff is going to break soon so you'll have to go get new stuff.

When did we learn how to manage all this stuff? When did we learn what stuff to keep and what not to keep?

When did we learn how to organize all this stuff?

For most of us, the answer is, "I didn't."

The organizing industry isn't booming because everyone knows how to manage all their stuff!

Marie Kondo didn't sell millions of copies of her "Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" because we all learned at a young age how to organize and get rid of stuff.

I could go on about this for days, but the important thing I want to make clear is...

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU just because you can't figure out how to clear and organized your garage.

Millions of people keep their cars in their driveway and their garage doors tightly closed.

Millions of people don't know where to begin.

Millions of people...

  • use the garage as a dumping ground for things they don't know what to do with

  • get overwhelmed just THINKING about all that 'stuff'

  • can't find time to work on clearing out the garage

  • are too embarrassed to ask for help (or even tell anyone)

Are you picking up what I'm putting down? Are you putting things down and not being able to find them?



When I started dating my to-be husband, he parked in the garage and I parked in the driveway. When I moved in and we married, it stayed that way.

But after too many times unloading my car in the rain, I decided to make room for me to park in the garage, too.

Ummm...what? TWO cars in the garage? It seemed like an impossible goal.

And it was. At first.

I wish I had before photos because, trust me, it was just like the nightmare so many people face...

Piles of who-knows-what...

Tangled hoses that seemed to be spawning...

Bins and boxes, totes and piles...all full of 'stuff.'

But we went through it all.

And then it filled up with who-knows-what again!

So we went through it all again...and it filled again!

OMG, it seriously seemed like I would never be able to get my car in there...

But my Friend, my husband and I are very proud to say that we BOTH park our cars in our garage, and it is NOT a health hazard to walk in there anymore (most of the time).

We seriously marvel over this often.

It takes time, it takes diligence, it takes patience, it takes focus and it takes follow-up.

But I know in my bones: YOU CAN DO THIS!

I'll show you how in the challenge.

What's in the Challenge?

In the Great Garage Clearout Challenge, I'll share everything my husband and I did to clear our garage and KEEP it cleared. You can use this for a storage unit or shed as well.

There wasn't any magic involved, there was no whip cracking (though I have been called 'a gentle whip'). There was no crying or yelling.

We stayed happily married, and we even had a little hanky-panky in the garage once I got my car in there (sorry/not sorry if that's Too Much Info).

Clearing your garage is 100% doable and I'm going to show you how!

I'll share all the steps and how-to's so you can feel the intense pleasure of looking at your garage and saying aaaahhh instead of AAAGH!

Are you or someone you know interested? Make sure to sign up! Email or text me to get on the list so you'll get access to FREE:

  • downloadable step-by-step guides

  • how-to videos

  • live Q&A sessions - ask me anything, show me your challenges!

  • resources on how to sell items and/or organizations that will pick up your unwanted items

  • allll the things I did in my own garage and have done in countless clients' garages.

Stay tuned for details, but until then, make sure to email or text me to get on the list! / (360) 265.2477

(The organizer friend who helped me clear the garage at the top of this post is Aniysa Zuchowski of House to Home in Olympia, WA)

Please remember that I'm here for you!

Reach out if you have questions and/or you feel stuck.

There's no need to struggle with clutter anymore - you're not alone and I can help you feel better right away.

For inspiration and organizing tips in your in-box, join my e-newsletter, Sunbeams. Inspiration only, no spam, I promise :)

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