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Hi! I'm Spring Courtright

I'm TidyWild's creator, coach and teacher, and I'm so glad you found me!


If you're SO READY to do what it takes to clear clutter, get organized and find peace of mind, I'm SO READY

to help you! 


Since 2014 I've helped countless people find their way  to freedom beneath their chaos...


Not just in their homes, but in their hearts, minds, lives

and bodies...


I'm passionate about this work because I've been there!

I felt like I could never get ahead.
I felt like I was always running but never getting caught up. 
I thought I'd never be organized enough to be truly happy. 

I thought being cluttered was just how I was going to be forever. 


Have you been there?

"My mind says, you have a lot of stuff, it’s overwhelming and it’s holding you back."

~ Cindi


I felt overwhelmed and ashamed that I couldn't "figure it out" and declutter on my own.

Just thinking about all that "stuff" made me stressed. Just getting out the door was a huge hassle. 


Inviting anyone over felt embarrassing to even imagine. If someone came over unannounced it's was panic time!


I had "The Room" where everything I didn't know what to do with got stuffed (well...ok, it was many rooms, and the garage, and all the closets...)

~ Cindi

I felt stupid.


I felt like there must be something wrong with me.


I felt anxious, stressed and depressed so often it felt normal.


I felt like a failure as a wife, daughter, friend...

sometimes even as a human.

Until I made a choice to change.


I didn't want to live like this.

I didn't want to feel I was always living less than my potential.

I didn't want to keep pushing people away because I was

embarrassed about my house. 


I decided to do what it takes to make my home my refuge

instead of my torture chamber.

I decided to get help managing my thoughts.

I decided it was time to figure this out and take the time to start living fully. 


I called a friend and admitted I needed help.

I talked to my hubby and said, "I don't want to live like this."


I hired a mindset coach. 


And I began to find and create peace in my life...

and I haven't stopped since!

Now my house is my HOME, my sanctuary,
my Place of Peace. 

I still make piles, I still cover every countertop,

I still wake up some mornings and think



But now I don't beat myself up - I remember I'M LIVING MY LIFE

and it's SO EASY to put everything away!


I'm not a unicorn (I wish I was!)

I just decided to do whatever it takes to feel better,

I got help when I could,

I went cupboard by cupboard, closet by closet, shirt by shirt

and made the decisions,

I created homes for everything,

I cried the tears, I moved through the pain. 


Now I'm on a mission to help people everywhere let go of guilt and shame...


To find peace and calm in their homes, 

To learn how to declutter and organize in a way that works for each individual, 


To let go of items, thoughts and habits that hold us back from a beautiful life!


You deserve freedom. You deserve hope. You deserve to be happy in your home.


You deserve to live your best life. 

Are you ready? I am!

I'm 100% judgment free, full of support, love and steps to get you there.

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