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6 Myths that Keep Us Cluttered

Updated: May 6

 And how to break through to make space and find peace...

I've been on a journey to thoroughly and beautifully declutter and organize my home for many years now, and there are some statements my brain has told me are facts that used to keep me from digging in and decluttering.

These are also statements I hear from my clients as a professional home organizer and declutter coach since 2014.

Does your brain tell you any of these things about decluttering and getting organized as if they were facts?

  1. I don't have enough time

  2. I'm a messy person and it'll just come back, so why bother?

  3. I should know how to do this

  4. I don't have enough energy 

  5. There's too much stuff

  6. I don't know how to get organized 

There is SO MUCH SPACE and feelings of peace on the other side of these thoughts!

While we may feel convinced these are The Truth, I believe otherwise. I believe we're ALL capable of clearing clutter and finding a level of organization that works well for us...

Here are some questions I ask myself and my clients to find our way to the other side of these thoughts to a place and mindset that's more helpful and inspiring:

1 - I don't have enough time

Is this really true?

Do we spend time scrolling and/or watching shows? If so, could we first do some decluttering and use that as a reward?

If we think of decluttering as self care, does this change our perception?

Is there truly no time in the day we can spare? (If so, can we get help?)

2 - I'm a messy person and it'll just come back, so why bother?

What if we treat learning how to be less messy like a hobby? Or like learning how to use a phone or dishwasher? (sometimes annoying, but necessary)

OR can we just learn to love being messy and stop worrying about it? (coaching and therapy may help)

3 - I should know how to do this.

Our society teaches us how to acquire, but not to let go...

Can we forgive ourselves for not knowing and let ourselves learn?

4 - I don't have enough energy.

Can we find energy for one or two 15 minute decluttering sessions a day?

How about 5 minutes?

Every minute spent clearing saves many minutes later and small changes add up over time!

If you truly don't, do you know someone who does who can help you?

5 - There's too much stuff.

Will there be less stuff later if we don't start doing something now? 

6 - I don't know how to get organized.

Is there some clutter I can clear while I'm figuring it out so it doesn't get worse? 

Can we find someone who could teach us? (I know someone!)

If you're ready to bust through these myths and clear clutter, but feel stuck, reach out!

I LOVE helping to make space and have been a professional organizer for 10 years...

I'm also a declutter coach and can help wherever you are in the world.

Check out the TidyWild Declutter Club 

Schedule a free Discovery Call



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