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6 Questions for Decluttering

Powerful questions to help with decluttering decisions...

  1. If I was moving, would I take this with me?

  2. Does this earn it's real estate? (ALL spaces in our homes are valuable!)

  3. Is this worth taking time to make space for?

  4. Am I ok leaving this for someone else to deal with when I'm gone?

  5. If I let this go, will I remember in a month or a year that I owned it?

  6. Does my Future Self want me to keep this?

Decluttering is basically a whole life review.

Each item came into our lives because of a dream, hope, desire, goal, wish, action...

Sometimes they came into our lives because of other people's dreams, hopes, desires, etc. of us - including marketers.

When we declutter, we're looking at each of those items and deciding whether we want to take it into the future with us.

There are a lot of things I recommend doing and thinking about before a whole home declutter, but...

If we just choose a corner, methodically pick up every item, and honestly ask and answer these questions from a curious, loving place within our Selves, we can declutter our homes.

And if we ask these questions BEFORE bringing any item into our homes, we can keep clutter out of our homes.

Is there a lot more to this? Of course.

Is it possible to just choose a spot, begin right now, and move through our whole homes? Yes.

Do I recommend getting help? Sometimes.

If you are unable to focus, or have deep emotional ties to your things, or are just so stuck you can't figure out the next step, I recommend getting support.

Does it have to be a professional? Not necessarily.

You might want to talk to a therapist if there are deep emotional wounds or memories tied to things you're trying to declutter.

You might want to hire a professional organizer to help you move methodically, stay focused, and provide accountability.

But I bet there's SOMETHING you can declutter today using these questions as guides...

What space or category will it be?



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