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Day 2 Declutter Challenge

Updated: Mar 22

Here's what I shared on day 2 of the 2024 Spring Cleaning Declutter Challenge...

Some great questions and ideas came up on today's group call and in e-mails from participants. Here are a couple of them:

What do we do about other people's things when we're decluttering? 

The quick answer is to focus on your own things...

But I know from my own experience having a husband who was just fiiiiine with 1000 things strewn around our house rooms all willy nilly...

Sometimes we need to declutter other people's things to save our sanity!

If you want to declutter someone else's things, I recommend 4 things:

  1. Dig deep into yourself about how clutter affects you and your relationship

  2. Have a clutter conversation

  3. Help them feel safe

  4. Pre-sort and set up a 'yard sale'

I wrote a blog post expanding on these called Decluttering Other People's Things, which includes my 10 years of experience with my beloved husband.

It's not the end all, be all guide, but it's what has worked with us and with many of my clients.

Check it out if this is a challenge for you or set up a free Discovery Call to get support. I know from experience that this can be a tough situation...

From another participant came reminders about being prepared and allowing yourself to get comfortable while decluttering:

"I am standing at a card table in our living room instead of trying to lean over a bed or other uncomfortable space.  When I had a big folder of things, I was able to sit in a comfortable chair to sort things out which also helped. 

I found I needed a pen and pencil, scissors and tape near me besides the different tubs for sorting into. I had water and nuts near me as well."

What does your body and mind need to dive in and declutter in a lasting way? 

What supplies would make decluttering easier? 

Hopefully you'll participate in DECLUTTER DAY on Saturday! 

From my experience, for sustained energy for longer decluttering sessions, I recommend these things:

  • Water - always have handy

  • Nuts/seeds - always have handy

  • Good sleep (I take Hydroxyzine)

  • A treat planned for afterwards - a bath, a good book, dinner out...

  • Not carb loading before (we'll tire faster)

  • Telling loved ones we're doing something VERY important and asking them to let us focus

  • Healthy, protein rich meals before and after

 I feel so strongly about having eating well for decluttering that I take a home cooked, whole food meal to my in-home organizing clients for our 5-6 hour sessions.

I also take a jar of sunflower and pumpkin seeds and make sure we both have water nearby before beginning.

I'd love to hear suggestions for getting prepared for decluttering or if any of these resonate with you!



Please remember that I'm here for you!

Reach out if you have questions and/or you feel stuck...

There's no need to struggle with clutter anymore...

You're not alone and I can help you feel better right away!

Text me at 360-265-2477

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