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The TidyWild Manifesto

The TidyWild Person

Has reawakened their dreams and arranges their life to support them;

Chooses freedom and joy over clutter and overwhelm;

Replaces overwhelm with action;

Chooses not to be a slave to their stuff;

Doesn’t judge themself or others;

Knows small steps lead to big changes;

Takes steps daily to keep their home tidy;

Chooses belongings thoughtfully to support their desired lifestyle and future;

Chooses contentment, not clutter;

Knows they were born to live life fully, unbound by the weight of too much stuff;

Knows tidying their home will give them energy and freedom;

Is free to be fully present for friends, fun and living life to the fullest.

The TidyWild Person is powerful

and joyfully in control of their home, life and mind.

TidyWild Manifesto
Download PDF • 79KB

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