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Day 8: Pretty up Pens

Updated: May 24, 2023

30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge!

If you’re always looking for a pen even though you know pens are everywhere, or you’re you keep coming across pens that don’t work, today’s One Thing is for you!

This can be any or all types of pens: ball point, art, Sharpie, gel, highlighters…

I’ve gone through 100+ pens in one sitting. I’ve done this with kids pens, art pens, my pens, writer’s pens…it works for all of them.

I’ve done this for many clients, friends and myself - when I moved in with my hubby, he had a giant collection of old pens in various drawers. I was forever grabbing one that didn’t work, so I finally hired myself for about 20 minutes and did this.

Just remember that the smaller the category, the easier it is to complete the project.

Here’s what I recommend if pens plague you:

  1. Gather ALL your pens from around the house

  2. Mentally note where pens naturally gather

  3. Check to see which ones work using a blank piece of paper

  4. Toss ones that don’t work

  5. Categorize ones that do work (highlighters, sharpies, writing, art - maybe different kinds of art pens if you’re an artist)

  6. Think about where you found pens

  7. Put pen holders in all the places you found pens and/or where you want to or do use pens.

What I recommend for pen holders:

  • Upright (unless they’re in a drawer)

  • Very handy (so it's very easy to put them away)

  • Heavy-ish so they don’t fall over

  • Make you happy, because, well, why not?

The photos above and here are my pen holders…

And as always - if this One Thing doesn't work for you, choose another One Thing that will make life happier for you!

I'd love to see and hear how your Spring Cleaning Challenge is going! Share on the TidyWild Facebook group or send me an email at

Happy Organizing!



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