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TidyWild: Birth

Right at this very moment I'm saying goodbye to my old life and welcoming in a woman I've had waiting inside me for years.

Her name is TidyWild.

The name came to me after a life coach urged to me to do whatever it took to get to the bottom of what was bothering me.

That weekend, this ReWild painting popped out, and soon after, the TidyWild Manifesto popped out.

These ideas feel like friends who've been waiting a long time for me to say hello.

In saying hello to TidyWild, I'm saying goodbye to the woman who runs away and hides from feelings, the woman who gives in to compulsions when I'm stressed or life throws me a curveball

I'm saying goodbye to the woman who gives in to the compulsion to leave messes and eat crappy food and drink too much wine and sneak smokes, where I "check out" and don't talk to anyone when I'm feeling down, thinking it's best if no one sees me this way.

I'm saying goodbye to the me that doesn't walk-cook-clean-meditate because I "don't feel like it right now", to the me that doesn't do yoga because some part of me is hurting – I know the poses that will get me through and take me to the other side of my pain.

In saying goodbye to that me, I'm saying hello to the TidyWild Woman, who can be both wild and know where my sh*t is when I want it.

And in saying goodbye to the old me, I'm saying hello to each new day full of health, deep love – for myself and others.

In saying goodbye to that me, I'm also saying hello to women who struggle, who feel these tears I cry, born of anxiety and fear and depression and the desire to forget these are all a part of me, of being alive. I'm saying

You know what's funny? My phone died before registering the word goodbye!

I'm nursing a case of tendinitis in my right arm and so am dictating everything, which is easiest with my phone. It died right as I said the word goodbye - I thought maybe all these last words were lost, even though I knew them in my heart.

But when I fired my phone back up again, there they were...minus the word goodbye.

It was as if the universe was asking, are you sure?

So I'm going to say it again:

GOODBYE to the old me who doesn't take care of the future me!

HELLO to the TidyWild Woman who's been waiting inside for the right time.

The right time is NOW.

I invite you to join me and say goodbye to the you who doesn't take care of the future you, and to say hello to the TidyWild woman waiting patiently inside you.


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