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Tame the Tupperware

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Declutter and organize to save your sanity!

This week has been a doozy. From a car that won't start to managing a beloved's memory challenges to wonky hormones...

There have been enough stressors that I currently feel like a deflated balloon (and am devouring a bag of barbecue pop chips).

But you know what? I can find the lid to my tupperware container when I want it!

I can find a screwdriver when I need it. I can find my favorite cozy sweater to curl up in, and my cozy couch spot has my favorite books organized next to it...

AND I can find the remote control!

I strive to get and stay organized so when life throws curveballs, I don't have the added stress of trying to find my stuff.

That isn't to say everything is perfectly neat and tidy - I have piles and places I wish were neater - but because I spent a Saturday morning organizing my tupperware, and other moments keeping the system strong...

Finding a lid won't be the thing that makes me flip MY lid.

There are thousands of categories to clear and organize in most homes, but tupperware is a common headache for most of my clients and just about everyone I know.

(If tupperware doesn't bug you, but other things do, there are likely steps here that can help).

Here's how I organize tupperware

This is my tupperware storage area:

Lids are on, similar sizes are together, the ones we use most often are in front and lids without containers are on the side, in a container.

It's simple and easy to put them away and find what we need - the two biggest rules I live by when organizing.

Simple steps to organize tupperware (and almost anything else)


  1. Set up a trash can, donate box(es) and recycling if your area takes this kind of plastic

  2. Clear a large space nearby - the floor, large table, (cool) stove top or counter

  3. Empty EVERYTHING from the tupperware space

  4. Gather all tupperware from elsewhere in the house

  5. Note all the tupperware being used in the fridge or elsewhere

  6. Know that this will get messy before it gets organized! And it's ok :)


Group together:

  1. Same size and shape containers

  2. Same size and shape lids

  3. All random sizes and shapes together somewhere else

  4. Set it up like a yard sale for your Self.


Put each of these in their own place (or somehow separate them)

  1. Ones you love and use a lot

  2. Ones you use less often but need

  3. Ones left over - ask yourself, "Do I need and want these? Do they earn their real estate and my time?"

MATCH the lids to their containers - snap them on to make sure they actually fit.

CLEAR out of the area everything except what you're keeping.


  1. Store with the lids on if possible

  2. Keep like items together

  3. Put most used ones in the most easy-to-put-away place

  • If they don't fit - are there some that can go? Or is there another place tupperware can be stored?

  • If it feels awkward, ask, "What do I need to make this easy for my Future Self?"

  • Keep tweaking them until you feel the "click point" as Marie Kondo says - when something in you says, "Yes!" (This may not come right away - keep tweaking for weeks or months if needed).


Any organized area is sacred.

  • Take time as you go through life to neaten it - a few seconds here and there

  • Put things away - no more "just for now"

  • Tweak it as needed

  • Teach others in your house how to maintain it...and give consequences if they don't

Once you take the time to do this, don't let anything shatter your peaceful place!

A note on containers:

If you want the perfect container, drawer or space for your tupperware...

  • AFTER you know what you're keeping

  • Measure

  • Do a google or Pinterest search OR write the size + number you need down in your phone or in a bag you take to shopping with you

  • Find the right size

  • Don't be afraid to try things and return them if they don't work for you

P.S. - Lids are not worth causing stress

Next to my tupperware with lids on is a container for lids missing their owners....

If lids build up and I get annoyed, I go around the house looking for the containers - if I don't find them, they get tossed. No stress, no doubt. Just toss.

Yes, we can do this. Yes, we may find the container later. You know what? It's ok, we probably have PLENTY of other tupperware we can use :)

I no longer let thoughts like, I'll just put this here for now rule me if it means it's going to stress me out later.

Every bit of clutter counts.

Every lid and container, every space and bit of "I don't know what to do this with" adds up.


Whenever you organize an area, use it as an inspiration! Congratulate and appreciate yourself!

Maybe you feel there are 10,000 other things to organize, but make sure to celebrate this one :)

Walk by and ooh and aah, share photos, do a toast to yourself, give yourself a high five from me...

Allow yourself to ENJOY every single space you organize.

This trains your brain that YES! I can do this! This is worth it! I AM doing this! This feels good! We can do this again! (And again and again...)

You've got this. You're worth the time this takes. Think of how happy your Future You will be!

And, as always, know you're not alone - there are millions of people frustrated with their tupperware and other "stuff."

Happy organizing until we meet again!



Please remember that I'm here for you! Reach out if you have questions and/or you feel stuck.

There's no need to struggle with clutter anymore - you're not alone and I can help you feel better right away.

For inspiration and organizing tips in your in-box, join my e-newsletter, Sunbeams.

Inspiration only, no spam, I promise :)

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My containers and lids are in a sort of higgledy piggledy order - and yes lids must be on the tub or it doesn't get to reside in the precious cupboard. When I look in the "orphaned lid" drawer, I marvel at WHAT HAPPENED to all those lovely glass bottoms? It is doubtful that bowl and lid will ever find each other, ever. ...time to ditch them is soon!

Me gusta
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