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Super Simple Steps to Declutter

Getting organized doesn't have to be hard! Here are my exact, simple steps after 10 years being a professional organizer...


It can be meditative, relaxing, and even fun.

After 10 years of doing this, I've seen MANY people get what I call "The Bug," where they get in the groove of decluttering - suddenly it's no longer hard and they're inspired to keep going!

First, here are three keys:

  • Declutter first, THEN organize. See what I mean below.

  • Make the final product so easy to put things away and find things, so lovely to your inner eye, that you're inspired to keep it up

  • START SMALL, as in ONE shelf, ONE drawer, ONE category. Practice getting wins!

Here are the exact steps I use to declutter BEFORE organizing:

1 - Take a before photo

No matter how embarrassed you feel - this is for YOU and Future You!

We see differently this way, we can see how far we've come when we're done - and we can look back to what we never want to get to again.

✨ Then set your phone to silent or, preferably, put it somewhere else so you can 100% focus.

You deserve this time.

2 - Set up trash, donation and take elsewhere containers

Take elsewhere means anything that doesn't belong in the space we're working on. The container can be a laundry basket, box or other container about that size.

We want to STAY PUT and not leave the area to put things away where we might get distracted and lose momentum!

3 - Decide what you want the space to be and not be

For the linen closet above, I decided to let this be a linen and sleeping bag closet on top, travel storage on the bottom,

My clients decided they didn't any want stained or holey items.

These guidelines helped our decisions immensely as we went!

4 - Pull out EVERYTHING from each category and put it together

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT and is what makes decluttering easier!

I took allll the towels out and put them together on the bed, then did the steps below before moving on to the next category.

Going category by category makes decluttering so much easier!

5 - Find a favorite, hold it up and tune into the feeling of it

What Marie Kondo calls "spark joy" is just finding the things we like best - it can be a ratty old shirt or a prom dress, it doesn't matter.

The key is to tune into that feeling BEFORE beginning so we have a baseline...

6 - Compare everything else to that feeling

Let the way we love that item be the gauge for deciding on other items.

7 - Toss unwanted items in the donation box or trash bin

Try to make quick decisions: keep, donate, trash, take elsewhere, maybe.

For maybes and things that hold you up, immediately set them aside to go through at the VERY end, when our decision-making muscle has been warmed up.

Do this with each category until the space is done.

Take out EVERYTHING that doesn't belong out of the space so you can see clearly...

And that's it! That's the basic how-to to declutter any space!  💜

Then it's time to PLAY!

Try different folding techniques.

Try moving things around.

Try putting things in rainbow order.

Try KonMari style.

Try finding containers around your home.

Look up folding videos or Pinterest organizing ideas.

Again: keep playing with the space until it's so easy to put things away and find things, it's so lovely to your inner eye, that you're inspired to keep it up.

Send me photos and pick my brain! (I love puzzles!)

DECLUTTERING HELPS US FEEL BETTER! And the decision making skills we're practicing flow into every other area of our lives.

I especially love the peace and lightness that comes after a space is 100% decluttered and organized...

And how much time and energy are freed due to the ease of finding and putting away things! ❤️

If you have a space you want to declutter but feel stuck, reach out to me! I LOVE this stuff and would love to help you feel better in your space!

I'm here for you! There's no need to struggle with clutter anymore - you're not alone and I can help you feel better right away.



I love connecting! Reach out...

Text me at 360-265-2477

And for inspiration and organizing tips in your in-box, join my e-newsletter...

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