How to Fold Bulky Sweaters

No room in the closet to hang sweaters? Here are ideas folding for drawers or shelves.

A friend asked me recently, "How do I fold my bulky sweaters to fit them in my drawers?"

I personally have room in my closet to hang sweaters and prefer to store them this way because it's super easy.

But organizing is all about personal preference, space and needs! So here are some ways to fold those sweaters to put in a drawer or on a shelf...

Top folding tips:

  1. Go for squares and rectangles when folding.

  2. Draw imaginary lines for folding in half and thirds, or run your hand along where you're going to fold.

  3. Use your hands to "iron" out wrinkles before storing

  4. For drawers - store vertically to help to remember all the sweaters we own and keep bottom sweaters from getting smooshed.

  5. For low shelves - containers can be used to store sweaters vertically. This helps them from sliding around and getting messy.

Play with these techniques and find what works best for you.

Organizing categories is often not a 'one-and-done' experience - try different options, allow yourself time and focus to find the best solution for your time, needs and space.

Introduction Video:


How-to Video: 1 of 2


How-to Video: 2 of 2

Happy folding!

Reach out to me if you have questions about folding sweaters or anything else about organizing, decluttering and mindset - I'm here to help!



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