Day 28: Fridge Magnets

Updated: Jun 25

30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge!

This is in cahoots with my April TidyWild kitchen organizing lesson that I just released (SO excited! It's Life Begins in the Kitchen: organizing your kitchen to support health and life goals).

The visual clutter of magnets can add to the overall feeling of clutter and overwhelm in a kitchen, and anywhere the fridge is visible.

If your fridge is looking cluttered, I invite you to take everything off and wipe everything down with a damp cloth (or olive oil for stainless steel).

Then be thoughtful about what you put back on.

How many times do we open the fridge door every day? Each time whatever is in front of our face sends a message to our subconscious mind, which is what drives most of our actions, which is what causes the results we see and feel in our lives.

🦋 Being mindful what we put in front of our faces on a daily basis is a simple way to make days feel better. 🦋

Feelings are what drive our actions, which are what create our results, so if we want to change results in our lives, we can take time to change what we're telling our brains...

💜 I love using my refrigerator door as a place to remind me of lovely times I've had with my hubby, how much I love friends' kids, and an easy place for a magnetic shopping list.

Above are photos of what I have on the front of my fridge, below are some favorite magnets I keep on the side that's more hidden, where I hang washed ziplock bags to dry.

What are your favorite pieces of fridge art? How does your fridge support your life goals?

As always, if this One Thing doesn't ring out to you (or you did this as my Tuesday Tidying Tip a while back), choose your own One Thing that can help make today even lovelier...

If you or someone you now is interested in Life Begins in the Kitchen, here's information - I'd love to see you!

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