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Day 26: Sweaters

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge!

One option for storing sweaters (from knitter/blogger Kristen Rittig)

In the Pacific Northwest we're experiencing our first warm, sunny days, so it's a good time to go through sweaters, pluck out what we didn't wear this last winter and make some space for the clothes we DO wear and love!

This winter a client-friend asked me to share how I recommend folding bulky sweaters - this blog post by knitter Kristen Rettig explains and shows it beautifully.

I personally hang my bulky sweaters, but I've lived in small spaces and know they can take up a lot of room! I've also helped clients stack them just 2-3 per section in cubbies. Some people store winter sweaters in cedar chests, in bags, in separate closets...

I'm a fan of keeping all clothes together if possible so there's no need to switch things out, but there's no right or wrong way to organize, just what works best for you and your life!

I'd love to know how you fold and/or store your bulky sweaters...

And, as always, if this one thing doesn't resonate for you, find one thing (anything!) you can clear or organize to help make this spring day wonderful...

Happy spring day to you!



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