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Day 16: Candles + Candle holders

Updated: May 24, 2023

30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge!

How do you store and use your candles? Are they ready to support your in an emergency? Are they ready to help you rest and restore, refresh and re-light?

I used to save candles and old wax for the some day when I might make my own candles, and I used to have candles and candle holders tucked on and around all over the place throughout my home without much rhyme or reason. I was always amazed at how often I couldn't find ANY of the gazillion matchbooks or lighters I knew I had...

It's important to have easily accessible emergency candles with matches and/or lighters nearby if the power goes out, and it's nice to have candles for ambiance...

But if candles are filling up nooks and crannies, cluttering up windowsills, drawers, closets or other spaces, today is a good day to take a fresh look at them.

Clear, clean and organize

Here's what I did for myself and what I do with clients who have an overabundance of candles and/or candle holders.

  1. Gather allll the candles from everywhere (including the garage)

  2. Gather aaalllll the candle holders

  3. Lay them all out like you're at a yard sale

  4. Choose your very favorites

  5. Put the rest in a box to donate

Once you've chosen the ones you want to keep...

  1. Dust any dirty ones

  2. Find easy-to-access homes - some display, some in containers (see note below)

  3. Clean their new homes

  4. Make them look pretty

  5. Enjoy them!

For extra candles, I prefer clear, open topped containers or boxes that are easy to reach into.

I have candles around the house, but I store extras in 3 spots (4 if you count my outdoor adventure first aid kit):

  • Bathroom candles - some next to the bathtub, some under the sink

  • Emergency candles in a drawer in the kitchen (I can find and light these in the dark)

Because I've had sleep challenges, I use candles every night while brushing my teeth to help my nervous system calm down, so I use a lot of candles. And since I'm sensitive to scents, I use only beeswax hubby likes to buy in bulk when he find some on sale!

Happy Organizing!



Please remember that I'm here for you! Reach out if you have questions and/or you feel stuck.

There's no need to struggle with clutter anymore - you're not alone and I can help you feel better right away.

For inspiration and organizing tips in your in-box, join my e-newsletter, Sunbeams. Inspiration only, no spam, I promise :)

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