Day 13: Travel Supplies

Updated: Jun 25

30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge!

I'm packing for a vacation, so today is travel supply organizing day (here we come Wilbur Hotsprings in northern California!)

I usually LOVE to travel near and far, but I'm a bit rusty with packing and planning after being cooped up for the last year.

If you plan to to make a getaway, I recommend gathering supplies BEFORE the day before you leave! Being away is wonderful, but getting ready can be overwhelming and exhausting without good planning. No need to make traveling more stressful than it already is!

Give your Future Self the gift of being prepared ahead of time...

If you find yourself having to go all over the house and/or garage to collect things to travel, here's what I recommend to make it easier on yourself...

  1. Gather EVERYTHING having to do with travel. Pretend like you're leaving for a trip this weekend (see the list below to jog your memory).

  2. Think about what's missing, what you'd like to replace and what you can easily purchase to make packing easier (ie: extra toothbrush + travel sized toothpaste)

  3. Find storage places to keep travel supplies together (see ideas below)

  4. Put things away and make a pact with your Self that you'll put them away every time you travel

  5. Make a mental note to keep those storage places open and accessible

Ideas for travel supply storage:

  • Keep all suitcases and most travel supplies together (including neck pillows, money belts and other travel specific items)

  • Keep a self care travel bag packed (see my personal list below)

  • Store where they're easy to reach but out of the way

  • Have dedicated space for these items where nothing else goes

I have a space in my bathroom dedicated to self care travel supplies. Over time I've collected travel-sized items, a couple different sized bags to carry them in and a few ziplock bags for liquids.

Ideas for always-packed self care kit:

In a self care bag I keep just for travel...

  • toothbrush

  • toothpaste

  • earplugs (in the small round white thing)

  • eye cover

  • hair ties

  • scrunchy

  • packable hairbrush (the blue Conair thing - it folds)

  • comb

  • bobby pins

  • hair clips

  • nail clippers

  • nail file

  • tampons

  • pads

  • shaver (I wax before I go)

  • cotton pads for toner

  • mouth guard container (as I'm packing I put it on top so I remember to grab the mouth guard)

  • tweezers

  • ibuprofen

  • sleeping pills (I use hydroxyzine, a prescription antihistamine so it doubles as first aid)

  • I add earrings and necklaces to a ziplock the day I leave

In a large ziplock bag for liquids:

  • shampoo

  • conditioner

  • dry shampoo

  • hairspray

  • Dr. Bronner's soap

  • Thayer's witch hazel toner (I use as a face cleanser as well)

  • eyedrops

  • I add whatever face and body lotion I'm using at the time to the liquids bag on the day of the trip

Other Ideas for air travel + long trips:

For air travel I take a carry-on backpack with these things...

  • Water: I take a waterbottle - for air travel I carry it empty until I get through security and fill it before I get on the plane

  • Slippers or fuzzy-warm socks: I like to have these on pretty much any trip!

  • Good book

  • Phone chargers: I have one that plugs into walls and cars

  • Journal

  • 2 pens: in case one doesn't work :)

  • Self care bag: in case I want my earplugs, eye pillow and toothbrush

  • Nuts + Chocolate: protein for long term energy, sugar for quick energy!

What do you do to prepare for traveling? I know some people travel in RVs and there's SO MUCH to pack for that and car camping, but what are your basics? Are they all together and easy to grab? Is there anything you can do to make life easier for your Future Self?

Happy Travels!



Here's how I store my self care travel supplies...

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