Clear Your Cozy Spot

Updated: Mar 20

Declutter and find peace - this might radiate out to other spaces in your home.

It's amazing how much we can do by just choosing One Thing to do each day...and actually doing it! If possible, get up and do One Thing right after reading something inspiring about decluttering so there's no time to talk yourself out of it...

This not only gets things done, it's a wonderful gift to our Future Self and a message to our brains saying, "I care about you, I'll take care of you, I'll help you rest."

Clearing a Cozy Spot

I challenge you to take time today (or schedule a time) to clear around your favorite place to rest - maybe it's a couch, a bed, the dining room table, the bathtub - anywhere you want to say "aaahhh."

First, take away anything that doesn't belong or feels off.

Then freshen up the space - wipe with a damp cloth, vacuum, maybe add candles and a vase of fresh flowers…whatever it takes to make it inviting.

Then let yourself sit/lay in that spot and truly, deeply rest as a celebration.

Cozy Spot Tidying Tips

It's easy to THINK about clearing, but more challenging to actually do it, right?!

The top two things I suggest are:

  1. Don't leave the area until you're done

  2. Finish the job

This might sound like the same thing, but finishing the job means:

  • Put away everything you take out of the area

  • Do all the little things to make it truly feel done-done, as I like to call it.

Go until it's not just done, it's done-done. It feels delicious. Instead of slighting your Future Self by not quite finishing, give a sweet gift to your Self.

Before beginning, have what you need handy, including a "take elsewhere" container and a trash bin. I also had a damp, clean rag, my vacuum cleaner and some fresh flowers.

(Take elsewhere container = things that need to go somewhere else. Take them to their homes AFTER clearing and cleaning so you don't leave the space until you're done-done).

I just cleared my own cozy space and was SO SURPRISED!

I honestly didn't think there was anything to do in my own cozy space, but when I looked at it through the lens of my camera, I noticed I hadn't dusted or vacuumed that corner in ages and it was really uninviting.

No wonder I haven't felt comfortable sitting there for awhile! One of my favorite things to do to rest and relax is to read a book by the fire, cat on my lap, warm coffee or tea in my hand, and a cozy blanket around me.

I'd been feeling like I couldn't concentrate long enough on a I feel like I can do this again!

Here are my before and after photos:

My cozy space before tidying

My cozy space after tidying

I actually sat here the next day with a good book, a cat in my lap, a cup of coffee and a blanket - it's a miracle!

Have fun tidying your cozy space, or, as always, if this One Thing doesn't resonate with you, choose your own One Thing that will make this day better and brighter :)



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