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10 Minutes of Daily Decluttering

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Making big change in little steps....

The challenge is to set a timer for 10 minutes a day, then 100% focus on one SMALL space or category to declutter, clean, organize or otherwise refresh.


One day I texted a friend to ask if she was available for a phone call while I went for a walk. She said, "Yes! Give me 10 minutes"

I had a bajillion things to do that would take longer than that, so at first I was irritated.

Then I thought, "What can I do for 10 minutes?"

I was outside already, so I grabbed a broom, snapped a before photo, set my timer for 10 minutes, and did what I could to make one little space look nicer.

It felt SO GOOD that I decided to share the experience and make it a personal challenge to do this every day for a month.

It's AMAZING what can be done with just a little super focused time!

(my original 10 minute outdoor cleanup project in February - with a colorful addition)


1. Have an accountabilibuddy

  • Doing this at the same time as a friend is helpful and fun!

  • I can be your accountabilibuddy! (see how below)

  • The wonderful TidyWild Facebook group can be an accountabilibuddy

  • Don't let it stop you if you don't have someone!

2. Take and share before and after photos

  • We see our space in a different way through a lens - details stand out, blinders come off, we see things like we're a stranger.

  • Having photos to look back on is fabulous!

  • Sharing the photos makes it real and often gets us to put on final touches

3. Set a timer

  • This helps with focus

  • If you use your phone, make a vow NOT to even touch the phone before that timer goes off!

4. Just begin! Don't overthink it - just pick a very small space and...

  • Clear

  • Clean

  • Put away

  • Straighten

  • Recycle

  • Toss

  • Take out

  • Leave a love note (for your Self and/or someone else)

  • Sweep

  • Vaccuum

  • Wipe down

  • Brighten

  • Freshen

  • Enliven


Celebrating EVERYTHING we do that moves us in the direction we want to be

going is SO IMPORTANT!

Celebrating teaches our brains what we do really does matter. Who wants to do

more when being told, "That didn't matter because there's so much more to do!"

There will always be more to do.

There will always be more bits and baubles and pieces and papers that come into our lives.

What we do with the little things that constantly come into our lives...

What we do with little chunks of time we can find (and make)...

Those little choices add up to either bigger messes or bigger change!

This is for indoor and outdoor spaces and the idea is to JUST DO IT!

Don't think about it.

Don't give yourself time to talk yourself out of it.

Don't come up with all the reasons you'll do it later.


Big things happen in small steps. It doesn't need to be dramatic. It doesn't need to be perfect.

This is just ten minutes of doing something simple that your Future Self will look at later and say aaahhhhh, thank you!

Lifetime habits start when we decide it's time to stop dinking around and JUST DO IT.

And then keep doing it, even when we don't feel like it.

And keep doing it until we no longer have to think about it...

My life and home are living proof this can happen!

(and I'm not a unicorn, I was just REALLY done living how I was living!)

You've got this. WE'VE got this. I'm here, cheering you on!



"You can keep doing what you're doing and keep getting what you're getting." ~ Alex Hermozi

Not sure where or how to start?

Feel overwhelmed and/or frustrated?

Unable to focus enough to clear space?

Want to do something about it but this challenge isn't quite it?

I've been there and I'm here for you!

Reach out if you have questions and/or you feel stuck.

There's no need to struggle with clutter anymore

You're not alone and I can help you feel better right away!

- Text me at 360-265-2477

For inspiration and organizing tips in your in-box, join my e-newsletter, Sunbeams. Inspiration only, no spam!

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