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It's time to clear clutter!

Organizing Day 

Does clutter make you crazy? 
Do full closets and cupboards feel overwhelming?
Do you want to get organized but are unsure where to begin? 



Pick an area or category

Organizing day is great for: ​

  • closets

  • laundry room

  • pantry

  • clothes

  • books

  • cupboards

  • kids toys or clothes

  • clearing a desk

  • getting you going on any area or category!

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Join the calls

We'll start with a Zoom call at 10:00 am where you can share your project, ask me questions and get guidance and support.

We'll end with a 3:00 pm Zoom call to check in and talk about the next steps for your project. 

In between calls you can send me texts, videos and photos and I'll help you along!


Reserve your spot here

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(TidyWild Members are free and don't need to register)

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