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The Organizing Puzzle

Updated: May 24, 2023

Does your brain say, "This is too hard"? Here's a way to break through...

Every day I coach people who at one time thought, "This is too hard!" and I see their homes (and thoughts) being transformed. And I coach myself on "this is too hard" allll the time...

What actually is too hard is to do it ALL at once. When we look at our messes like a big puzzle, then pick ONE section to focus on, it's not so hard.

Our brains have likely been figuring out the puzzle all along, we just get in the way with our "It's too hard" mantra.

The video at the end of this is my epiphany about this (and you get to see my mess!)

Yesterday I spent some rare time painting in my art room which is also my office, guest room, workout and meditation space. Last week was super busy with work.

This morning I walked into the gigantic mess that this room had turned into and thought, "This is too hard!" I wanted to run out, close the door and do ANYTHING else.

It took talking to a coach this morning to switch my brain to, "This is NOT too hard."

Building a car from scratch is too hard. Figuring out world peace is too hard.

Decluttering our spaces is not too hard.

I 1000% know we can all do it! Sometimes we need a kick in the butt or an accountabilibuddy. Sometimes we just need a clear goal and a timer...

I was my own accountabilibuddy today. You can be your own accountabilibuddy any day (or reach out to me!).

Here's a time lapse of the 15 minutes it took me to clear my mess enough to be able to focus...

It only takes me 15 minutes now because I've taken time to do pieces of this room over the years.

First I cleared everything not connected to my calendar.

I put everything I could in their homes. I put things that didn't belong in the room in a "take elsewhere" box near the door so I wouldn't leave the room

As I went, I gathered together everything calendar and schedule related.

I tossed anything that could be tossed.

I made myself go for 15 minutes completely focused.

Are there still piles? Yes! And that's ok - the goal was to be able to focus on my calendar...and I did! And I feel SO MUCH BETTER!

What's your biggest organizing/decluttering puzzle?

What's one thing you can do to make it feel better?

When will you begin? (Now is usually the best time...)

Is your brain is screaming, "This is too hard!"?

I encourage you to:

  1. Step back

  2. Look at the whole puzzle with non-judgmental eyes

  3. Pick one area or category (the smaller the better!)

  4. Set a timer

  5. Turn off other distractions

  6. Do what's needed to help the part of the puzzle feel better.

Then, congratulate your Self on ANYTHING you do!

No more self-flagellation, only congratulation :)

Here's a video with my puzzle epiphany...and my gigantic sh*tstorm (I'm REALLY good at making a mess! 🤩).

I'm here to help - please reach out if you're stuck! We all get stuck in our 1000+ piece life puzzles sometimes - there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. (Seriously)



Please remember that I'm here for you! Reach out if you have questions and/or you feel stuck.

There's no need to struggle with clutter anymore - you're not alone and I can help you feel better right away.

For inspiration and organizing tips in your in-box, join my e-newsletter, Sunbeams. Inspiration only, no spam, I promise :)

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