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Day 11: Stand-up Shoes

Updated: May 24, 2023

30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge!

Today is the day to free the shoes and turn boots into stand up citizens!

Gather aaaallll of your shoes together for a little shoe party (or maybe it's a big party!) and put your Honesty Pants on to look through them.

If you have a lot of shoes, put categories or colors together (dress shoes, boots, etc.), then ask your Self: do I love these? Do I wear these? Do I want these?

Try them on with outfits if needed, walk around the house in them, wear them to the store...whatever you need to do to make a heartfelt, well thought-out decision.

Once you go through them, vacuum and/or dust around their homes - or create new homes - and tuck them happily in.

You may be asking: Spring, WHAT are those purple things?!

Those are pool noodles! I get them for $1 at the Dollar Store, cut them into lengths that fit my boots (using a regular pair of scissors), and stick them in my floppy boots to keep them standing up.

There are so many ways to store shoes!

This hanging holder is where I keep my summer shoes, shoe horns and extra pool noodles (I just keep 4 extra - if I get rid of boots that have them inside I'll donate extra noodles).

This little hanging thing I keep against the wall so it's out of the way.

Do you have shoe storage challenges? How do you store your shoes?

I'd love to hear how your Spring Cleaning Challenge is going! Share with me in an email, in the TidyWild Facebook group or as a comment on my TidyWild Illuminations blog.

Happy Organizing!



Please remember that I'm here for you! Reach out if you have questions and/or you feel stuck.

There's no need to struggle with clutter anymore - you're not alone and I can help you feel better right away.

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